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Field Trips

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GUTS Training Center is the premier destination for schools and organizations intent on providing a healthy, active and fun field trip for their students and members. Our Team GUTS fitness options and activities offer students an engaging and beneficial alternative from their normal routine. Moreover, our Team GUTS field trip program offers activities that students typically would not experience otherwise. Our trained staff works with teachers and caregivers to prepare and plan the appropriate activities for the incoming students. We provide the school or organization with a detailed plan for the field trip prior to their arrival, allowing the students to get the most out of their visit.



Whether it’s a birthday party, high school graduation, bar or bat mitzvah, GUTS Training Center offers an unique environment to host your event. Our trained and knowledgeable staff is prepared to assist you in providing the appropriate activities to make your occasion special, memorable and fun. Additionally, we provide tables and chairs in specific areas to accommodate food and drink.

Facility Rental


GUTS Training Center offers customized space to organizations that share our mission of improving the lives of the special needs population through fitness and exercise. We provide a roughly 1100 square foot fitness room that features simulated wood floors with a rubber underlying, sound system, mirrored wall and LED overhead lighting. It is the perfect setting for group cardio classes and other activities. We also have nearly 6000 square feet of turf area that can accommodate various sports activities such as soccer, throw ball, dodge ball, football, baseball, golf and more.