Team GUTS offers several camp opportunities for children, teens and adults with special needs and disabilities. Our camp themes all center on physical fitness, exercise and sports activities. These activities are especially important for the special needs community given the unique challenges they face in remaining fit. Our experienced, caring staff works with campers to help them build self-confidence, create lasting friendships and try a variety of fitness and sports options. Our goal is to provide a safe and inclusive place where fitness is fun and campers can be themselves.
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Team GUTS realizes that every person has their particular likes and dislikes which is why we provide a number of fitness options to choose from. Lead by experienced and caring Team GUTS instructors, each class offers participants a chance to get much-needed exercise adapted specifically for their needs. Furthermore, our fitness classes are tailored for every age group and ability.
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Martial Arts

Team GUTS Adaptive Karate Program is designed to help each participant develop mind, body, and spirit in a fun and interactive environment (social and physical). The program focuses on physical fitness (conditioning, strength, coordination, and endurance), behaviors/attitudes (etiquette, discipline, social interaction), and basic karate knowledge and application (techniques involving hands, feet, and combinations). The beginner’s component focuses mostly on the physical conditioning and the behaviors/attitudes required for safe practices. The intermediate and advanced components apply learned skills to Karate play and self-defense. Belts are awarded as the participants achieve the required milestones. Our Team GUTS instructors are black belts trained in Adaptive Karate techniques.
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Music and Dance

Team GUTS employs the power of music and dance to improve the quality of life for children, teens and adults with special needs. Our unique music and dance programs are designed to allow the student to move and express themselves in a healthy and positive way. Regardless of ability or background, Team GUTS understands that the desire to dance is in all of us — it’s in our soul. We simply harness what is inborn to foster health, happiness and self-confidence. Our Team GUTS music and dance programs are a wonderful opportunity for kids, teens and adults to get exercise and have fun.
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One-on-One Fitness Training

Our personal fitness training involves one-on-one or small group training and uses the Ground Up Training System™ to help our clients with special needs meet their personal goals while increasing their overall muscular strength, flexibility, and self-confidence.
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Team GUTS offers a number of sports activities to appeal to each participant’s interest; baseball/softball, flag football, golf, soccer and kickball are offered at different times throughout the year.
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Team GUTS provides yoga to individuals with many different special needs and is offered for all ages. Our yoga class is designed to help improve student’s overall physical and emotional well-being, mobility, strength, flexibility and digestion. By learning student’s individual needs our classes are more accessible because we adapt poses, use props, and provide hands-on adjustments, if needed. Team GUTS™ Yoga focuses on building strong self confidence and self esteem through dedicated and patient instruction. Class Info>